We focuse on the development, design, integration, sales and maintenance of industrial automation, intelligent robots, environmental protection, building automation and smart home systems.
Future tech holds the concept "intensive technology, the future success" to provide customers with systemized solutions.
Integrative solutions for the fully automated factory:From nothing to everything, you give us your requirements, we return you an automatic dream factory!
The robots-core systemized solutions:Make machine think as humans;make the robots reshape the future!
Intelligent management solutions for the new energy: Intelligent energy can make less carbon in the daily life and make a better ecology!
Green and environment-friendly ecological system solutions:Drink clean water, breathe fresh air, and this requires the joint efforts of everyone!
Solutions for smart city, smart buildings, smart home system: Smarter cities, smarter planet, the better future life!
Future tech team: The team is a professional research team which is composed of doctoral supervisors, master supervisors, doctors, masters, researchers and advanced engineers. We have established research partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for Energy, China Ocean University, Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Hunan Normal University, Xiangnan University and other universities.
The principles of our team: Top brand, top team, satisfactory solution, high quality and best service!